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To Truly Meet Your Own Needs….

We all needed so many things; even before we could speak.    First there were physical needs – things like feeding and safety and warmth. Yep, from…
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Evolution & Therapy

Evolution – Evolution – Evolution…   Baboons and beasts, cells and phylogenetic things, cavemen, stones and flints and Charles Darwin.   Is it true? Are the…
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Self-Actualization: Go For It!

Abraham Maslow believed that if a person’s basic needs were met, then they could strive for self actualization. It is a miracle of our times that…
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Let’s talk about the struggle of coming to therapy and knowing you must face things when you don’t want to. It’s hard. Often painful. Very deep…
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Time Spent, Twists Navigated

Life is short — very, very short. Time passes quicker than anyone expects, and most of us don’t really notice it whirling by… until we look…
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Showing up

There are times I’ve been desperate When I walked in somewhere for help   And times I slipped in the side door While I continued to…
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On Taking That First Step

New clients (the virgin therapy folks) blow in from what seems like nowhere. What prompts them to start the journey?   Usually they feel desperate and are…
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Differentiating from Trauma

“I’m burnt out,” we tell our friends. And, to anyone who will listen, we repeat our story. “My life is a mess. I’m tired of it.”…
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We are therapists

  we are janitors cleaning up others’ messes.   we are plumbers wading through swamps of toxicity: child abuse stories, alcoholism, violence, abandonment.   we are…
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