Do you feel…

  • anxious and panicky, like you can never catch your breath or relax
  • depressed and without the energy to make changes, like your life doesn’t have purpose.
  • overwhelmed with too many responsibilities and to-dos
  • undeserving or like you aren’t “good enough”
  • frustrated about your personal relationships
  • irritable and have difficulty controling your anger at times
  • alone or disconnected from others

As conscious human beings we are all seeking understanding and betterment. Contact us to begin the journey of discovering a better you
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Come celebrate the adventure of self-discovery!

The Positive Self Center aims to inspire personal growth and recovery for individuals, couples, and families. Together we embrace every unique circumstance of your life, which provides you the opportunity to make positive changes. Practicing new life skills, learning to be gentle with yourself, and celebrating your strengths will enable you to overcome negative patterns and self-destructive behaviors. You are longing to be your best, most authentic self.

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