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Couples & Marriage Counseling

Being connected to others and in relationships are our natural state of being as humans. Everyone longs to be loved and accepted by others — and most people want to be in an intimate, romantic relationship. Even if you don’t have experience in relationships, it is quite natural to want to be close to one other special person.

Do you feel…

  • tired of fighting about the same things over and over again?
  • you can’t bear the conflict of your relationship anymore?
  • fantasize about being with another type of person?
  • your partner doesn’t understand you?
  • like you want more from your relationship—not just the status quo of getting by?

Couples counseling is for those who want to…

  • understand their relationship so they don’t repeat negative relationship patterns
  • determine if you are right for each other,
  • learn to communicate effectively before problems arise.
  • heal past relationship wounds so you can move toward healthier connections
  • want to enrich a good relationship.
  • are just beginning a relationship.
  • are in a difficult relationship and want to resolve longstanding conflicts.
  • are in serious distress and are willing to work to see if the relationship can still work.

Marriage counseling helps couples…

  • re-establish the excitement and connection of partners’ early time dating together.
  • identify factors that originally lead to your partner selection.
  • develop a safe way to encourage the safe expression of true feelings.
  • identify pathways for partners to heal old wounds and grow.
  • develop safe communication skills which break destructive cycles of conflict.
  • establish a deeper level of trust with your partner by increasing safety.
  • transform a relationship into a lasting source of love and companionship.

Marriage counseling is an investment in your relationship which pays dividends over a long life together. Seeking counseling sets a shining example for your children, and helps them with future relationships.

With 25 years practicing marriage counseling the Positive Self Center has the experience needed to help couples through troubled times, and allow their relationship to heal. We blend several psychological theories and techniques of marriage counseling which has proven successful with couples. Don’t wait for a marital crisis to cause serious problems. Contact the Positive Self Center to find out how we can help.

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