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Positive Self Center is here to support you during this difficult season.

  • Are you feeling confused, on-edge or overwhelmed by these rapidly changing times?
  • Is the “unsettledness” causing you to feel scared or angry?
  • Is your relationship under strain and you need support and guidance?
  • Are you worried about your own health or your loved one’s health circumstances?
  • Is the isolation and lack of social outlets causing excessive loneliness?
  • Are you feeling anxious, depressed, irritable or hopeless about the unknowns to come?

Positive Self Center offers Telehealth, a comfortable and confidential way to connect with your clinician. Many of our current clients use Telehealth with great success and we are currently open to new clients. If you are struggling or feeling alone during this stressful time, reach out today for help. We will listen carefully to your concerns and match you with a clinician who will help you create a path forward.

Want to Book an Online Video Therapy Session?

You can do this by clicking on the link below and our intake specialist will contact you. At that time, we will gather additional information that will aid us in making a great match with one of our therapists.

Does Insurance Cover Telehealth?

Most insurance companies cover Telehealth for online video therapy sessions. However, we ask that you check with your insurance company to ensure that Telehealth is covered by your group plan.