Evolution & Therapy


Evolution –

Evolution –



Baboons and beasts,

cells and phylogenetic things,


stones and flints and Charles Darwin.


Is it true?

Are the fittest always surviving?

Does being “fit” change with eras of history?


Were dinosaurs not fit

for the time?


Can you hear them?


I hear them in my office.

I hear all of evolution in my office –

peeps and sounds and cries and whispers and



and all that it means to be a living, growing entity with a big brain.


Evolution demands that we grow,

that we reach greater heights than our parents,

that we have more fulfillment and choice



that we raise kids

more capable of knowing themselves


creating peace and world harmony.


In our parent’s cells,

in their bones and their blood,

they want to provide for us more than they had.


Oh, the delight and drive for humans to become parents.

To care for newborns,

to bring into the world something of us

to leave behind ourselves,

but a little better.


This process enabled some folks to discover the wheel

and some to discover fire

and some to learn about antibiotics

and some to educate their children

and some to learn that their child has emotional needs.


In fact, this wheel has spun for centuries and centuries.


And in the western world,

we have the luxury of

many basic human needs



With these taken care of,

we have the luxury to step up a notch on Maslow’s pyramid.

So rare in history,

an opportunity to


fine tune ourselves,

to strengthen our emotional coping,

to heal and expand,

grow and seek,


to become happier people than many generations before.

How wonderful,

when we arrive at this place,

whatever place inside us that longs to grow and heal.

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