Time Spent, Twists Navigated


Life is short — very, very short. Time passes quicker than anyone expects, and most of us don’t really notice it whirling by… until we look up and wonder how we got where we are. That’s why it’s beneficial to clarify your personal reasons for spending your precious time in therapy.   When you come in, I don’t know your reasons for seeking therapy.   You must ask yourself your reasons, because I can’t tell you.   

Why are you seeking help? Why are you doing it now? Why is this particular juncture causing you to seek out professional help?

Knowing Your Reasons Will Help You Navigate the Unexpected Twists and Turns 

The journey we embark on together will undoubtedly be filled with many twists and turns. Some of them premeditated and purposefully sought out – others coming from curve balls, seemingly from nowhere, leaving us without the ability to trace the source of upheaval thrown by life. 

Sometimes, we bring these twists upon ourselves.  Other times, however, we have nothing to do with what life throws at us.  Life is all one big risky gamble.  “Bad” things can and do sometimes happen. None of us know for sure how our life will unfold. 

When you seek out therapy, you are initiating and guiding movement and change rather than being a passive recipient of life thrashing you around.    

These are all things that we can discuss in session. We can work on being able to recognize the difference between what you can and can’t control. You can look at which parts of your life or yourself need to change and what is just fine as it is. We can work to discern when to take active steps and when to let go. You’ll explore when to use your intuition and when some of your instincts might not be the best source of direction. 

We’re always maneuvering through choices of self-will and destiny. Being on a therapeutic journey is an exquisite interplay between taking action and trusting in life. We can help guide you on that journey.  

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