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Come to the Party!

I am fortunate that I have the honor and privilege to love in many ways—through cooking, through my work, through my relationships, and now through my…
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Dysfunctional Parents

It seems psychologically trite to ‘blame’ who we become on our parents. But we grew out of them. We lived in a world they were in…
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Of Course I Love My Clients

I first learned to love in my wild & wacky ethnic family. I needn’t say more—the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding covered it for lots…
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$100,000 of Therapy…Part 2

After my last blog post where I dared to speak out loud about the financial investment I’ve made in therapy, I had some interesting reactions from…
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$100,000 of Therapy

Years ago, when I hit $100,000, I stopped counting the money I spent on psychotherapy. I stopped worrying about when I’d be done, how much money…
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Come On Down To Play

Psychotherapy is a joyful journey where we cry a little, laugh a little, and breathe a little. All the while we’re talking A LOT. It’s a…
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It’s About You, Silly.

Your life. Not Facebook or the slogans or videos you like. Not about how many friends you have. Your life was always about you; for you,…
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