There’s Power in Facing Your Demons, But You Have to Decide to Do It


Some clients can’t wait to tell me  how “good” things are going for them. How “happy” they are. I don’t try to dispute this with them.

But you don’t come to therapy because you’re feeling wonderful about your life and who you are. Something is bothering you. And you want relief — and maybe answers.

How does therapy help you to find answers?  How do you make sessions with me worth your while?

By being willing to slow down, meet yourself, and look squarely at what you’re wrestling with. By facing your demons. 

We all have them. And knowing this matters. Because compassion gets easier – and relationships feel less personally threatening — once you realize others are fighting with demons, too (even if they won’t admit it or see what the demons are). 

Not everyone is at the same point in the battle, but everyone is on their own battlefield. Everyone’s playing their own little game console – with relationships, with power, with sexuality, with money, with self-expression, with love. 

Everyone has their head down pressing buttons, trying to get to the next level. They’re all fighting to get the best score. To play the perfect game. 

Some are happy with this game; others, not so much. They don’t even want to pick up the game — don’t want to see it or remember what they are really doing here.

But here’s the thing: facing your demons makes it safer for you to be truly alive. To take risks. To be boisterous and angry and loving and forgiving. To be yourself.

Once you have done this, you’ll be able to move through life with your own inner light of authenticity. You’ll realize how fun it is to be yourself. To love rock music and opera and jazz and children’s play songs too!

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