Thawing the Frozen Self You Left Behind Long Ago


The story is the same for every person really. You were all by yourself. Alone. Because there was no one to hear — or listen even. No one to comfort your fears, absorb your tears, show you, tell you the stories of lives well lived. No one who could reach you.

And boy, did you need someone to reach you.

But because they couldn’t be bothered with your emotional self, you couldn’t be bothered either. So you abandoned that self by the bank of a frozen river in your mind — right about the time you started to learn arithmetic and memorize spelling words. 

And for a while you survived. Maybe you even prospered. But you can’t just leave a part of yourself behind. You can’t just ignore the emotional world. It’s essential. 

My job is to work with you to find where and how that essential self was left behind. To take you on a journey to unearth the bones of this ancestor, this hominid back in time, and help thaw it out and soothe it. So that you can reabsorb this orphaned child back into your overall self.

Because only then can you truly become a whole and balanced person.

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