Your Passenger, Your Sidekick, Your Translator


My job is to let you have enough control to feel safe. I am a passenger in the vehicle you’re driving.  You will take me to the sights and sounds and hopes and hurts and fears tumbling around inside your mind.  My job is to hear about your childhood, your marriage, your job, and all the things that didn’t turn out how you thought they would.

In order to do that, I must squeeze myself into tight spots so you can have the driver’s seat. The molecules of my own emotions must loosen to meet your experiential world.  I go there as best I can to that space where you exist. I do this because it helps me to understand what happens inside you as you have lived your story. 

Once there, my heart melts with yours. I feel fury and sadness and companionship and countless other emotions as you take me on your personal journey. 

Sometimes we burn log after log, and whole glaciers are melted by our connections. Sometimes we win the gold medal, having run the fastest mile. Sometimes we meander through gracious meadows, or reminisce about the tight passes we were traveling together. Sometimes lions come out of the dark, and we must go into battle together. Sometimes there is no movement.  

I travel there to help you connect better to your world. Like a guide for a blind person, or a native tongue to a foreigner, I translate the terrain.  

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