Come On Down To Play


Psychotherapy is a joyful journey where we cry a little, laugh a little, and breathe a little. All the while we’re talking A LOT. It’s a journey of experimentation, improvisation, and play.

Because we’re humans and have big brains capable of self-reflection, we are all students of human nature and of life. Psychotherapy is the place where students register for a path of structured study.

We look at hard (sometimes painful) stuff inside us and find new ways of looking. With a simple twist of the kaleidoscope, we find new ways to see, be, feel, think, and believe.

We embrace difficult feelings and get free of them.
We find courage to face dark, empty, hurting places inside.
We learn to be gentle with our self as we explore.
We learn that trying again and again is all that matters.
We learn to begin. Again and again, new hope always emerges.

My philosophy is this: “We’re all dying.” Every minute of every day is one minute closer to our death, to the day when we will shut our eyes and say goodbye to everything. I figure, while we are alive, we may as well embrace LIFE.

I did my dissertation on the experience of longing and because of this, I am an authority on Longing. (At least that’s what our teachers told us we’d be when we were done!) I know that longing pulses through our bloodstream, and it’s what keeps us growing and alive. Sometimes our inner longing does take us in unfortunate directions (addictions and unenlightened pathways). But, mostly longing draws us forward to hope for more.

When entering psychotherapy, get ready for a fun, new-fangled ride. Get ready to fall in like with your life!

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