It’s About You, Silly.


Your life.
Not Facebook or the slogans or videos you like.
Not about how many friends you have.

Your life was always about you; for you, because of you.
Psychotherapy is about you.

Come on in sweet light of being, perfect beauty and purity.
Come on in; we have been waiting for you.
Not only that, but someone has been witnessing you forever
—and that witness is inside you.
That’s right, there’s always been someone calling to you.
Believing in you, hoping for you, waiting for you to remember her or him.
Your inner self—your perfect fullness of being—is waiting for you.

You’ve been on such a long journey abandoning yourself.
Not remembering the calls inside you.
You have lost your way pretending your inner world doesn’t matter.

Well, it does matter—it always has.
There were so many dramas in the way.
Preventing you, eclipsing you, enticing you away from your insides.
We all have so many distractions.
So much time has passed.
Don’t fret one more minute.

You have a love and an essence, and it doesn’t live on Facebook.
Facebook is where we all have advertisements for ourselves.
The pretense that someone can see, someone cares, someone is paying attention.
Well, all those people vying for attention out there can’t see you.
They haven’t paid enough attention to themselves yet.

Psychotherapy is a place to pay attention to yourself.
To hear your own murmurs, your calls, your hopes, your dreams.
The place to pick through the shards of a life.
Dedicated time where we brush sand aside to excavate down to the beginning.

When there was only a pulse and a being called to be here.
And then there was that body.
Screaming little swaddled bundle as you were delivered here to your mama and papa.
All wrapped in blankets, looking out with those little glazed eyes.
That was a miracle; your arrival here to meet us
—and there hasn’t been any other miracle that compares to your miracle.
The light that came that day when you arrived.

So many things happened to take you away from that miracle.
So much confusion as you twisted and contorted to find a place to fit.
So many lies were told to you.
So many promises broken.
So many people were cruel.
People you needed pushed you away and endangered you.
You carry all those bruises in your heart.

And now what?
Now where do you find yourself?
What do you want now?

Come home to the call.
To the place where you can remember again that there is love inside you.
A witness; a pure soul who sees it all.

What if all along you were always okay—that nothing ever needed fixing?
What if everyone who ever criticized you or abandoned you was wrong?
What if there was never anything to do except just be you?
What if all the uncompleted things were okay?
All the missteps were meant to be?
What if your slow learning was perfect?
What if every decision you ever made was okay too?
What if you really are miraculous?
And the miracle never stopped—not for one minute
—since that day you were delivered here.

What if it’s really one long delivery process?
A lifetime of living in the incubator of this delivery room?
Yes, it’s about you, silly.
You, we are pointing at.
You, who we notice is missing here.
You, who needed and deserved a spot at the table all along.

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