Sex Addiction

Sex addiction and preoccupation with exciting relationships is rampant in our modern, technological culture of instant connection. Today's technology provides an impersonal opportunity to approach strangers for sexual fulfillment. It provides a venue to carry on secret relationships easily and in plain sight of co-workers, friends or family members.  

Pornography has created a new form of sexual response, wherein every whim or fantasy can be found on demand, making it more difficult to perform, and to feel comfort or pleasure through intimate physical connection with another person.

Needless to say, sexually addictive and compulsive behavior holds a very powerful grip over anyone vulnerable to this type of behavior. Like all addictions, the person involved doesn’t always see how they are hurting themselves or others by carrying on their behavior. And, like all addictions, this behavior can get worse over time and lead a person down a path where they eventually lose their own self-respect.

Counseling can help you...

The path to healing is multifaceted. If you feel that you are struggling with your own impulses and unclear about the role of love and sex in your life, then counseling can help you. By taking a look at your life story and how your sexuality has or has not defined your sense of self, we can help you to make a plan for behavioral change and develop a support system for your new life and new lifestyle.

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