What is Imago Relationship Therapy?

Based on Dr. Harville Hendrix's popular book Getting the Love You Want this marriage counseling technique combines intensive self-awareness work with behavior techniques that couples can use outside of counseling sessions to create more safety and security with each other.

Imago therapy is based on the premise that our childhood experiences form an unconscious image or Imago. Our unconscious images play a powerful role in the formation of our identity and choice in partner selection. These unconscious forces that attract us to our partner are also the source of conflicts and power struggles that develop in any committed relationship.

Imago therapy provides a pathway for learning how to heal, rather than hurt, by becoming conscious of the childhood wounds which so greatly influence our patterns of perception and behavior. Imago therapy also helps in the development of important skills for the resolutions of ineffectual behaviors and self-defeating defensive strategies.

Dr. Sally Palaian is a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist. Using the Imago technique with her clients to establish a safe and neutral place, couples can quickly begin real healing.

Behind every criticism is a Frustration.
Behind every frustration is a Hurt and Fear.
Behind hurt and fear is a Childhood Wound.
— Harville Hendrix

Imago relationship therapy is for those who want to...

  • understand past relationships.
  • prepare for healthy relating.
  • break destructive patterns.
  • put old hurts to rest.
  • create the groundwork for a satisfying and fulfilling relationship.

You and your partner will learn how to break patterns of habitual conflict using the Imago dialogue. This involves exercises taught to you by Sally that you can take and use at home which will make it easier for you to discuss important issues with your partner. Don't wait for a marital crisis! 

We invite you to contact us or to schedule an appointment by calling (248) 645-5960.   

Conflict is growth trying to happen.
— Harville Hendrix