Financial Coaching

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Are you...

  • ashamed of how you relate to money or your financial situation?

  • constantly afraid about money?

  • depressed or anxious because of your financial situation?

  • suffering from chronic money problems such as compulsive shopping and spending?

  • repeatedly breaking promises to yourself?

  • feeling that you never have enough?

Money counseling is for those who...

  • are in debt and need debt relief.

  • want to transition in life but don’t know how.

  • feel stuck in the same routine.

  • are going through additional changes like a divorce or layoff.

  • feel bored in retirement and need a second career.

Most of us believe that if we only had more money, our lives would be better. The truth is we can improve our lives just by changing the way we relate to the money we already have. Our money is related to so many parts of life: power, love, identity, security, self image, fear, and self worth. Money counseling will help you gain clarity about the interplay between emotions and financial behaviors. The goal of working with the Positive Self Center is to give you the knowledge and techniques you need to better understand and manage the role of money in your life.

If you want to change the way you relate to money, contact us.  To schedule an appointment please call (248) 645-5960.

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Beware of little expenses. A small leak will sink a great ship.
— Benjamin Franklin


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New Workshop


led by Sally Palaian, PhD



Many couples find the topic of money so emotionally charged they argue about it endlessly or just duck the topic altogether.  Based on the highly successful Imago Couples Therapy model, Dr. Sally Palaian’s Couples Talk: Money workshop tackles one of the most difficult and painful issues that can challenge any couple.

The Couples Talk: Money workshop gives you the confidence to stop arguing about money and start talking. During the workshop you will gain insight into you and your partner’s financial beliefs, values, and priorities, learn the tools to become less reactive when discussing money matters, and begin the journey of working toward financial goals together.

The Couples Talk Money workshop will help you and your partner...

  • communicate openly and honestly about money without arguing
  • communicate openly and honestly about money without arguing
  • learn about your own money style
  • understand why your different money styles collide
  • stop using money for revenge or as competition
  • become a better financial team
  • become closer and more loving 

This half-day Couples Talk: Money workshop is presented in an environment that is safe, productive, and goal oriented. Couples Talk: Money will transform the way you think about money, and give you and your partner an understanding of basic financial issues and how they affect your overall relationship.

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