Depression Counseling, Grief & Loss

Do you...

  • withdraw from your loved ones and friends?

  • feel angry, but don't understand why?

  • feel down in the dumps or have a difficult time getting going on your day?

  • not get as much pleasure from activities or people that you used to?

  • have sleep or eating difficulties?

  • have difficulty concentrating?

  • find yourself isolating or declining social invitations?

  • expect negative outcomes in your life?

  • not feel good about yourself?

  • feel there is no purpose to your life?

If so, you may be depressed. Some who are severely depressed can’t get out of bed or brush their teeth. Some even think about or consider suicide as an option. If you are feeling this way, you need not suffer alone. Counseling has proven to be as effective as medication for the treatment of depression. We have a society of folks on anti-depressant medication, and yet we have not made a dent in the global problem of depression.   

Counseling can help you to feel...

  • inspired to take necessary actions to better your circumstances.
  • an increase in your self-esteem.
  • pleasure in simple things again.
  • less ruminative.
  • more connected to your loved ones.
  • more gratitude for your life.
  • greater self compassion and self acceptance.


Your future is waiting for you to step into it.

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