Come to the Party!

I am fortunate that I have the honor and privilege to love in many ways—through cooking, through my work, through my relationships, and now through my writing.

In 30 years of psychotherapy, sitting in one of the most privileged seats in life, I am awestruck about human resilience and our ability to stand up over and over again when we are knocked down.  

Sometimes when folks get knocked down or they can’t take it anymore, they wash up at the shore in my office. Desperate for help or change, someone to tell them they aren’t crazy or that there is hope. Sometimes folks are embarrassed they even reached out to make the call, or can’t believe their life turned this bad. Sometimes they come in with shame and self-loathing, sometimes matter-of-fact.

After 30 years, here’s what I have to say: We’re having a party, and everyone’s invited! Life is going fast and we’re all dying every day, so let’s all roll up our sleeves and get to work—facing those boogeymen, riding those twists and turns in life. Fight back to the things inside us that bother us.   

Let’s see what beauty or uniqueness we can find in one another. Let’s all breathe, because breathing helps everyone.    

Besides, there’s so much fun stuff to do—groovy sharing and connection, waves to surf, mountains to climb, and whole worlds to discover. There’s so much wholesome life to be living, and enough room for everyone.

We’re having a party, and everyone’s invited!

Happy new year.