Anxiety and Stress Treatment

Do you...

  • feel constant pressure from job or relationship stress?
  • have difficulty sleeping – either getting to sleep or else waking up and being unable to return to sleep?
  • feel nervous or agitated or like you want to jump out of your skin?
  • ruminate on the same thoughts over and over again?
  • have physical symptoms like sweaty palms, racing heart, difficulty taking deep breaths, flushing of your skin
  • have difficulty concentrating?
  • find yourself more argumentative or combative in your relationships?

Counseling can help you...

  • learn self-relaxation skills that you can implement at any moment.
  • learn to calm your nervous system to better handle unexpected situations.
  • identify new tools to handle daily stressors.
  • feel calmer and more relaxed in general.
  • accept things in your life that you truly cannot change.

    We’re living in stressed out times, that’s no secret. We also know from the medical field that stress isn’t good for us. Many modern diseases are complications of stress. Feeling anxious all the time isn’t good for our body, our mind, or our spirit. If you feel overwhelmed, have difficulties with sleeping or concentration, feel panicky, fearful, tense, and like you can’t ever “let go”, you are probably suffering from anxiety. Psychotherapy can help you learn to identify stress triggers, cope with stress more effectively, and calm your nervous system. Calming our nervous system is the main tool people for living happy and productive lives. At the Positive Self Center we can help you learn necessary skills and techniques to manage your anxiety, and find ways to feel relaxed and carefree again. Don’t delay getting help for yourself; every week or year that you living with unnecessary stress may be limiting your lifespan!   

    We invite you to contact us or to schedule an appointment by calling (248) 645-5960.